Private In-Home Dog Training


Training your dog will be a lifetime investment! Your dog will learn obedience, behavior, and on/off leash commands. You will also learn the proper techniques to practice on your dog.  Please contact us for details regarding pricing.

Basic Leash Manners

6 week duration; Dog must be at least 6 months old and vaccinated

  • Walk without pulling on the leash

  • Eliminate general problem behaviors (barking, ext.)

  • Heel, sit/stay, down/stay, recall

  • Nutrition

Basic Obedience

10 week duration; Dog must be at least 6 months old and vaccinated. Your dog will learn all of the below commands, to respond immediately regardless of distractions

  • Heel, on/off-leash

  • Sit/stay, on/off-leash from 100 + feet away

  • Down/stay, on/off-leash from 100 + feet away

  • Stand/stay, on/off-leash

  • Recall from 25 + feet away

  • “Place” (Dog does not move from designated spot)

  • Address any specific behavioral concerns inside or outside the home

  • Nutrition


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