Portage Park - mobile grooming, dog training, dog walking, and petsitting

Professionalism, Loyalty, Safety, and Pet Companionship are what you can expect to receive when you partner with Gimmie A Break Pet Care 


Portage Park Mobile Grooming (60630, 60634, 60641)

Our mobile grooming salon comes directly to you. We have a fully functional ambulance that we have converted into a mobile grooming salon. Whether you are at work or sitting in the caption seat along your pet, you can be assured your pet will be happy and clean. We provide full grooming service for cats and dogs. Save your valuable time by letting our experienced groomer come directly to your home. You will receive pictures and a video after the grooming is fished. If you are home, you are welcome to sit in the captain seat and watch your pet be groomed. 

Portage Park Dog Training (60630, 60634, 60641)

We provide private in-home personal dog training lessons. Our master dog trainer has over 16 years experience in every aspect of dog training. You will receive a full hour each session with our master dog trainer. We teach obedience, behavior, and on/off leash commands. You will also learn the proper techniques to practice on your dog. Training your dog is a lifetime investment and will bond you and your dog. Forget group classes. May classes have up to ten dogs so you are getting a fraction of the time with the trainer. We guarantee the training for the lifetime of your dog.

Portage Park Dog Walking (60630, 60634, 60641)


We know you have a busy schedule and that sometimes it may be cumbersome to give your dog the proper amount of exercise needed during the day. Dogs that are left un-walked often do not have a viable outlet to funnel out all their energy, which results in hyperactive dogs. Boredom and lack of stimulation can also contribute to a hyperactive dog. This is where we come in. Our dog walks start as low as $10.00 and can help your loved dog release some of their energy.  A five-day weekly package will cost as low as $200.00 for the whole month. We provide daily report cards in addition to GPS logs per each walk. Please call us today to schedule a free meet and greet. Give your dog the love and exercise they deserve. Read more about all the great benefits walking provides your pet.


Portage Park Dog Training (60630, 60634, 60641)


Things come up and sometimes you need a last minute pet sitter. You may also only need a pet sitter for a few days or hours. It doesn’t make sense to board your pet for a few days or worse a few hours. Boarding kennels can bring on added stress to your loved pet. They are an unfamiliar environment and your pet can sense that. Transportation to and from a pet boarding facility can be a hassle and certainly consumes your valued time. We provide in-home personal pet sitting to your loved pets. Our sitters will love, snuggle, play, and watch your loved pet while you are away. Not to mention that your house is also being watched when your pet sitters are there. Save your pet the stress of a boarding kennel as well as your time and let us help you. Please call us today to schedule a free meet and greet. Read more on why you should skip the boarding kennel and utilize a personal pet sitter.






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